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Play Therapy is a form of psychotherapy where children use play to communicate and express their feelings, thoughts, and experiences in a safe and supportive environment. Through various play activities and interactions with a trained therapist, children can explore and resolve emotional and behavioural issues, develop coping skills, enhance communication, and foster self-esteem and personal growth.

Play Therapy recognises that play is a natural medium for children to process and understand their world, and it provides a non-threatening avenue for them to work through challenges and achieve positive outcomes through accessing their innate abilities to problem-solve and thrive. Having an open communication channel between the play therapist and the child’s main caregiver(s) best facilitates the child’s growth journey.

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Our play therapists engage children in a variety of play methods including:

Play Therapy offers numerous benefits for children, such as:

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Children and teenagers who are candidates for Play Therapy include those with identified disorders or needs and those experiencing:

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