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Music Therapy

Music Therapy involves the use of music interventions to address individualised goals within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed professional. Our Music Therapists utilise the power of music to address these areas: cognitive, emotional, physical, social, and communication.

Music therapy transcends musical ability; it is a profoundly inclusive practice accessible to all who find solace, joy, and meaning in the language of music. Regardless of one’s proficiency or background in music, the therapeutic power of melody, rhythm, and harmony touches hearts and minds in profound ways. At its core, music therapy invites individuals to connect with their inner selves, express emotions, and navigate life’s challenges through the transformative medium of sound. It’s not about being a virtuoso, but about embracing the inherent beauty and healing potential of music; making it a professional yet deeply resonant journey for anyone who seeks solace, connection, and growth through the universal language of music. Our therapists create a supportive and non-judgmental environment where clients can freely express themselves and explore their inner experiences through music.

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Our certified Music Therapists conduct comprehensive assessments to understand each client’s unique strengths, challenges, and therapeutic needs. Through observation, interviews, and standardised assessments, we gain insights into how music can best support the individual’s goals.

Based on the assessment findings, we develop personalised treatment plans tailored to address specific therapeutic goals. These goals may include improving:

Our Music Therapists employ a variety of evidence-based music interventions to facilitate growth and development in our clients. These interventions may include:

Music Therapy

For Children and Adolescents

Music therapy offers children and adolescents a creative and supportive space to express emotions, build confidence, and develop crucial life skills. Through engaging musical activities and therapeutic interventions, young individuals can enhance communication, foster social connections, and navigate challenges with resilience. Music therapy can benefit those diagnosed with or currently experiencing:

Music Therapy offers a holistic approach to supporting children’s well-being, addressing their emotional, social, cognitive, and physical needs through the therapeutic power of music. Some of the benefits of Music Therapy for children include:

Music Therapy

For Adults

In the realm of music therapy, every individual is welcomed with open arms into a nurturing and non-judgmental space. Here, adults are invited to explore the healing power of music, fostering self-expression, and nurturing personal growth. Our inclusive approach to music therapy provides a safe haven for adults navigating challenges such as those:

Specifically for working adults or elderly clients, Music Therapy can help by providing an avenue for:

Adapted Lessons

For All Ages

Music enriches one’s life in countless ways – but did you know that learning an instrument has been proven to be beneficial? Music can develop and strengthen motor, cognitive, emotional, and even communication skills! Individuals with additional or different needs deserve to learn and share their music with the world – and this can be made possible with instructional or physical adaptations (Kuester, 2011).

We are currently offering adapted music lessons for:

Adaptations might include:

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