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Feeding Therapy

Feeding Therapy involves the assessment, management, and treatment of various conditions affecting a person’s ability to eat and drink. Individuals with feeding and/or swallowing disorders (dysphagia) have difficulties eating and drinking which may result in poor nutrition, frequent illnesses and increased risk of pneumonia or lung infections. Our Speech & Language Therapists (SLTs) assess, diagnose, and help individuals of all ages with a range of difficulties surrounding feeding and/or swallowing. These difficulties may be due to:

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Feeding Therapy

Individual Sessions For Children

Our SLTs are champions of collaborative care and we look forward to assisting you and your child with mealtimes. Our therapy sessions are relationship-based, child-led, and focus on your child’s strengths. We believe that every child has different needs, and we are excited to embark on this journey of discovering your child’s feeding needs with you!

The following are some common signs and symptoms that children with feeding and/or swallowing disorders present with:

Feeding Therapy

For Adolescents and Adults

As adults, often we are more aware of our difficulties than children are, and that can get frustrating. Fret not! Our SLT team is here to guide you and your family through this journey of further developing your eating and drinking skills. Swallowing difficulties (also known as dysphagia) in adults may arise from a range of conditions such as:


In essence, dysphagia is the difficulty of moving food or liquid safely from the mouth to the stomach. This often results in difficulties in maintaining nutrition intake and staying healthy. Dysphagia can lead to many serious medical conditions such as malnutrition, dehydration and aspiration pneumonia. They can present in various forms, such as:

To accommodate our clients who may have mobility challenges or are unable to attend sessions in the clinic for any reason, our SLT team will be available for mobile sessions at your preferred location.

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