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We understand that due to reasons of convenience or preference to stay safely at home during an ongoing health crisis, coming to the clinic may be difficult for some. However, it is important that therapy is consistent and regular to continually build on your progress. Furthermore, a timely intervention can promote a fuller and quicker recovery, such as in the cases of individuals recovering from surgery or a stroke, or children who are malnourished due to difficulties with feeding. For these reasons, we offer a couple of solutions which are available for both our paediatric and adult clients.

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Home-Based Therapy

Our therapists have extensive experience conducting therapy outside the clinic, including at clients’ homes, workplaces, or schools. Besides convenience, home therapy offers many benefits, such as:


Therapy can be provided effectively through telehealth (the use of telecommunications, such as video and phone calls). There is a growing body of research that shows the success of teletherapy as an alternative way to provide allied healthcare management, including for assessment and therapy.

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