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We’re excited to welcome you to our family and we look forward to supporting you in your day-to-day living needs.

About Us

Family-Oriented Approach to Therapy​

We provide a comprehensive range of therapy services that are centred around collaborative practice between our team, your family, and other key stakeholders in our clients’ lives. Our services include:

How We Can Help

Our Services

Speech & Language Therapy

Supporting you to be confident, effective, and articulate communicators

Feeding Therapy

Empowering you to safely enjoy a variety of foods and drinks at mealtimes

Occupational Therapy

Helping you develop skills to achieve optimal and meaningful participation in life

Educational Therapy

Enhancing your child’s ability to thrive socially and academically

Early Intervention Programme

Family-centred, small group structured learning for children with developmental delays

Art Therapy

Promoting healing and mental well-being through art-making

Play Therapy

Honouring children’s main language of play to help them reach their full potential

Music Therapy

Using music to address emotional, cognitive, or physical needs therapeutically


Assisting you in restoring or maintaining optimal movement and function

Social Skills Groups

Guiding children to feel comfortable and confident in social situations

Mobile Sessions

Supporting your journey in a familiar environment


Assisting you at your convenience, no matter where you are


Our Approach

Our uniqueness lies in our strong belief in our five pillars of practice, which are:






Family- Centredness



Neurodiversity- Affirming


What Keeps Us Going


Ms Serra Fionalita(Mother of 1-year-old B)
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“The best decision me and my husband have ever made for my baby’s speech. We’re so lucky to have Ms. Wanda for the session. We only did it 2 times, yet my baby can say a few words now! First time we came, he did random babbling only. Ms. Wanda is patient and friendly to my baby. The way she tried to interact with him was so gentle and professional. She also gave us so many tips in person, even after the session she will follow up with an extra handout via text which was very useful. She patiently answered our doubts and questions. Every time we met her, she made us so relieved and confident on how to encourage our baby to start talking. We’ve been implementing all the strategies on a daily basis that she gave us and it worked like a charm! Our baby’s communication journey is doing so well. Thank you Ms. Wanda!”
Ms Kasthuri(Mother of 2-year-old K)
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“My son who was diagnosed with severe language and speech delay, has been having therapy with Wanda for the past few months. He was 2 when he started and could hardly speak a word, had minimal eye contact and was not able to engage. Now he is able to string 3 word sentences, have beautiful interactions and engage in play for at least 10 to 15 mins which is a huge improvement from before. Wanda's parent coaching sessions have also allowed me to practise with my son daily at home to work on his speech. He is also able to communicate his needs more efficiently now. Not only her skills but her amazing personality and patience has helped my son in attaining his goals. I would highly recommend Wanda to anyone who is looking for a speech therapist.”
Ms Chuah Wan Yin(Mother of 3-year-old K)
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“My son is close to 3 years old now and I have been worrying about his speech progress. We started the sessions with Miss Wanda in April. At that point of time my son had less than 10 words, able to pronounce A-Z inconsistently. With just 6 sessions till now, I can see my son improve day by day, weeks by weeks. His improvement is exponential! Progressing from nouns to verbs to adjectives, one word to two words to short sentences. He is excited to meet Miss Wanda, and is becoming more interactive with her! I like the techniques she conveyed in every session, not too much, very focused and easy to incorporate! Thanks Miss Wanda for all the guidance and support given in our speech journey.”